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Evolve Your NFT Your Way.

Collect Traits. Fuse them to your Unicorn. Evolve into Classes. Repeat.

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Buy traitless to build from scratch or start further along with a Traited Unicorn!

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Go to your dashboard to see your Unicorn’s stats, and start evolving.

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Evolve with Traits

Free Traitbox every week, collect Trait to fuse, or sell them on the marketplace!

Evolve Mechanics

Collect Traits Weekly


You’ll find 3 Traits of the same rarity level in each Traitbox. You can pick one Trait for free, but you’ll have to wait 7 days before opening another.

Traitbox MechanicsFind a Unicorn

Millions of Combinations

215 traits, 8 colors each, with 15 trait types

When you collect traits, you can sell on the aftermarket, save it for later, or fuse to any of your unicorns.

Fuse Traits & Evolve

Choose a color for every trait

Each of the 8 colors puts the power level of the trait into attributes which add up to a Class for your Unicorn.

Class MechanicsBrowse Unicorns

Our Vision

We’ve launched an incredibly unique project, but we’re just getting started.

Layer 1 Expansions

We’re building a Trait Marketplace to add more ways to collect and evolve.

Upcoming Features

Layer 2 Games

Soon, you’ll be able to Play to Earn in our upcomming games.

Play to Earn Games

Expanding The Universe

The Unicorns are Stranded. But soon, they’ll be found by a Season 2 species.

Lore & Seasons

Our Team

We've been making tech products for over 10 years and been working together building products in public for over a year.

This means everything to us and we won't let you down.

Nolan Perkins

Head of Creative

Tyler Perkins

Head of Operations


Full-Stack Developer




Technical Engineer


Full-Stack Developer




blockchain expert




Unity Developer


Game Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Stranded Unicorns unique?

Many NFT projects are primarily successful due to hype and fomo. Stranded Unicorns are entirely built with the long term owners in mind.  Every Stranded Unicorn is free at mint and begins in the same place, there will be weekly trait boxes for free, there will be a custom platform with leaderboards to see how your Stranded Unicorns rank based on their power levels.  Everything is built for the long haul, and the users who work to grow their character will have many ways of benefiting as the community grows stronger.

How do I level up?

Everyone begins with the base character and 1 free trait.  Then there will be weekly trait boxes with one free trait and two other traits available for purchase. Every Stranded Unicorn owner will get one free randomized trait for each of their base characters every 7 days, and 2 more opportunities to purchase randomized additional traits. 

How do I fuse new traits with my Stranded Unicorn?

Once you have a new trait you will have the ability to see what your new Stranded Unicorn would look like after the fusion.  You will also be shown what the power levels will be after the fusion.  If you decide to fuse this new trait with your base Unicorn will reflect the new trait.

Can I sell my base character or traits?

Yes.  We will work as fast as we can to get Stranded Unicorns on all secondary marketplaces.  And we are going to build our own marketplace to house the entire ecosystem of Stranded Unicorns, so you never have to leave or deal with the other sites.  You will be able to sell your Stranded Unicorns on other marketplaces, but you will only be able to buy and sell traits on our internal platform or marketplace. Our goal is to create the most seamless and intuitive platform for our community so that we can all flex our badass Unicorns.  But most importantly we want to create a safe and trusted platform.

What will the leaderboards represent?

We are going to adjust to fit the needs of our community, but we plan to begin with individual power levels based on the cumulative ranking of every Stranded Unicorn’s total power level. 

There will be charts a detailed explanations of each trait and it accompanying rarity and power levels. This will be available on our site once ready and prior to launch.

Are there prizes for leadboards?

Prizes will be Sol, traits, blank Unicorns, merch, and whatever else we can think of that the community will get excited about.

How many free Stranded Unicorns will be available to mint?

8,000. We believe the demand and interest in NFT collectible projects is growing like crazy.  We think NFTs can be more accessible so we think offering more people the chance to get in and grow their own NFT characters is much better for the community in the long run.  We want to create a gamification process where owners can level up and grow their own Stranded Unicorns to their liking, and we want there to be healthy competition amongst the largest group we can grow.  We think it will be much more fun with more people leveling up and growing their unique Stranded Unicorns. There will also be ways of earning more Unicorns by fusing 8 and 13 traits, so you can grow your stable or sell Unicorns to allow others to join the game as well.

Why are Stranded Unicorns free to mint?

We want to create a smooth and accessible experience for both new NFT people and those who have been around a while. We think the free mint allows people to customize their NFT the way they want and do this for free or at a lower cost than most mints plus gas.

We would rather bring in more people and give as many of them a chance to get in on a project with growth potential rather than capitalize on a big mint bag than dip out. We also strive to do what is best for the user at every decision, and it seems obvious that what is best for the user is to make Stranded Unicorns free. We only win if the project goes well, and people decide to pay for additional traits. This removes any risk of rug pull, and put the pressure on us to continue to add value and improve Stranded Unicorns so that it is worth staying active.

How long do you plan to do this?

Since we are not aware of any other NFT project doing anything like this we have no idea how it will go, so we are going to give it our best effort for as long as we can.  We believe if we create an experience that is truly the standard for NFT projects, and we keep giving back as much as we can to the community, it can go a long way. So, the best answer we have is: as long as possible. If we can create an active community of Stranded Unicorn owners who seriously try to level up their characters we will keep doing this until the numbers don't support it.

If this goes well, what do you plan to do next?

We would love to create games built on top of Stranded Unicorns.  Kind of like a layer 1 NFT project that supports games built to use the Stranded Unicorns in the games we develop.  If we can grow a fanatic community that takes pride in their Stranded Unicorns we believe we can build a variety of PvP games where owners can use their unique and custom Stranded Unicorns in the game and against other owners.  This would create opportunities for additional leaderboards and additional prizes.  We also would love to create tournaments to determine the best of the best in each game we create, and the only way to play these games is if you own a Stranded Unicorn.

Why are you doing this project?

The owners, Nolan and Tyler Perkins, are brothers and have loved being at the forefront of change and innovation.  Nothing would be more exciting to Nolan and Tyler than to be a part of how NFTs change the way we all live.  Nolan and Tyler believe the sky's the limit on how NFTs can be involved in everything we do.  At the moment it feels like we are only scratching the surface with pfp projects, and art based projects that are likely to be forgotten as time passes.  We have no idea where this world will take us, but we want to get on the train because wherever it ends up sounds super exciting.  So this project is the most fun and exciting way Nolan and Tyler could imagine building a community and growing something amazing together. 

Have you ever developed a NFT project or game?

No.  We are going to be as transparent as possible, and the truth is we have not developed a game or NFT project.  We would, however, like to point out that around 5 minutes ago most people have never even heard of NFTs.  Not to mention the book is still being written on how games and NFTs will coexist.  Nolan and Tyler do own an app development company, and they have been building apps in public on TikTok for a year.  You can see their passion for building a community, and their skills in developing consumer products that are easy to use and helpful.  This may not easily translate into gaming, but our team of developers and designers are all gamers, and we are excited as hell to work on something as cool as a NFT project that creates characters with traits/skins/attributes that are both collectible and usable in real games.  There are no guarantees in life and especially not in NFTs, but we ask you to believe in us, and what we are trying to achieve.  If the layer 1 collectible gaming foundation works we will have the funds to begin and finish development of our first game.  We will be as transparent as possible on this topic and anything else, so please feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to inspire confidence in Discord discussions, TikTok videos, IG, Twitter, TikTok lives, YouTube, Discord lives, and anywhere else we can collaborate.

Can you explain the classes and what the different colors represent?


More info to come soon, but for now this spreadsheet breaks it all down.

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