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How to Signup:

  1. You need to be on a computer to signup.
  2. You need to have a Phantom or SolFlare Wallet.
  3. You need to click the button below.
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What you'll need to create an account.

Now that we have the ground rules in place we will do our best to explain what you will need to do and have ready in order to mint your very own Stranded Unicorn on launch day.

You will need to install the Phantom wallet browser extension.  This is completely free and does not require you to connect any form of payment or to a bank account.  It is merely your tool for storing your digital assets like crypto or NFTs. 

This screen shot is what you should see.  Be careful as there are scams and fake native apps in the app stores pretending to be Phantom.

Step 1: Click the “Add to Chrome” button or to the browser of your choice.  (Phantom supports Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge browsers)

Step 2: Install on your browser by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button or “Add to…” whichever browser you choose

Step 3: Hit the “Create New Wallet” button

Step 4:  Save your Secret Recovery phrase.

In this step I will not be showing you a screenshot because you will receive a 12 word phrase that will be one of the most important parts of your security.  This phrase should NEVER be shared with anyone for any reason.  If anyone gets this phrase they will have control over your wallet and they will take all of your digital assets which will be Solana and NFTs. 

We will never ask for your phrase for any reason, so if anyone pretends to be us and asks DO NOT SHARE YOUR PHRASE.  This phrase should be stored in a safe place offline where no one can get it and where you won’t lose it.  There is no customer support or “forgot my phrase” email reset like you get when you forget your password.  So do not lose it, do not store it in an unsafe place, and again NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE.  

Step 5: Once you have stored your secret recovery phrase in a safe place you should proceed to create a password as well, and then you will have the extension installed on your computer.  

At this point you should have everything in place to receive your Stranded Unicorn avatar and accompanying trait(s) after you choose your free one and if you decide to purchase additional traits.

Notes about your wallet.

  • You will be able to access your digital assets anywhere you can login to Phantom on any computer.
  • Once Phantom is installed on a computer you can connect with apps like NFT market places to sell and buy other NFTs using the Solana you have stored or your NFTs in your Phantom wallet
  • We will not require you to have any Solana in your wallet at the time of mint because we will be paying for gas to handle the airdrop transaction which means we will be sending you your Stranded Unicorn and traits at no transaction cost
  • If you want to sell your Stranded Unicorn or traits on other market places you will need Solana in your wallet to list and sell your NFTs as we will not be there to pay for the gas
  • Solana is among the most efficient chains (which is why we chose it) and gas fees are extremely low.  Like less than a penny, so you will not need that much Solana to list.
  • But if you want to buy traits or other Stranded Unicorns you may need a bit more depending on the cost on the market places.
  • As a range I would expect the prices of traits and Unicorns to range from $10 to $200 or more based on rarity and the demand around our project.  So plan to have the appropriate amount of Solana while also keeping in mind that the price of Solana also fluctuates.

How to play the secondary market.

Now that we are officially ready to mint and receive our Stranded Unicorn and traits at mint we are going to provide as much help and guidance to be prepared for secondary sales on marketplaces.  We truly believe that a majority of people will want to buy and sell traits or Unicorns quite often, and this will require you to have Solana in your wallet.

Every transaction requires a miner to handle the computing power to stamp the transaction on the Solana blockchain, and for their efforts they receive the gas fee.  With ETH it could be hundreds if not thousands of dollars while with Solana it is typically .000005 Sol which usually equates to a fraction of a penny. So don’t be afraid of the gas, but just know you will have a small cost to list your NFTs because the action of proclaiming you want to sell your traits technically needs to be recorded on the blockchain, to verify that you do in fact intend to sell your trait.  This recording of your intent to sell will have a gas fee on other marketplaces.

Getting Solana for the Aftermarket

Here are the steps you will need to take to have Solana in your Phantom wallet when you need it.  

Before we begin you should know that Solana is a crypto currency and the price is going to go up and down all the time.  There are risks associated with buying and selling any crypto currency, so please do your own research on the fluctuating prices of crypto currencies as the foundation for the fluctuating prices of NFTs.  There are no guarantees, and there are many factors to consider, so please ask us questions and research other sources of info as well.  

Step 1: Choose a crypto currency exchange.  A couple that we recommend are Coinbase and FTX.  These are well established exchanges where you can connect your bank account to use fiat in your currency to purchase a variety of crypto currencies.  We specifically will require Solana since we built Stranded Unicorns on top of Solana.  

Step 2: Complete the account registration and depending on where you live you may need to complete the “know your customer” or KYC process which requires you to prove your identity.  In the US this is a requirement as regulators want to track earnings to be able to properly tax you and prevent fraud.  

Step 3: Connect your bank account to the exchange you selected.

Step 4: Purchase Solana in the exchange you selected.

Step 5: Depending on where you live there may be a waiting period before you are able to send your Solana to your Phantom wallet. In the US it is typically 10 days before you can send Solana from Coinbase to your phantom wallet.

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