1.1 - How to Signup for an Account

You must go to https://app.strandedunicorns.com to signup or login to the dashboard.

You should do this on the computer to make sure you can connect and create an account.

1.2 - Wallet Connection Issues

You must connect your wallet before logging in with your email+password combination.

Ad blockers and popup blockers keep the wallet from connecting to the website. Brave browser has some difficulties logging in, but below is a way that some users have gotten through.

Chrome / Firefox - Turn off ad-blockers, and clear your cache before trying to connect.

Brave - Turn everything off on the shield besides https, clear your cache, and try to connect

1.3 - Email Login Issues

When you first signup, you need to request a code to your email. Sometimes this code takes a few minutes to send and sometimes it ends in your junk mail.

The email should come from hello@radcollab.com.

Also, if you have signed up with a capitalized email, you must enter the email as you entered it on signup (including capitalized letters)

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