Stranded Unicorn Lore

At the beginning of our story the Unicorns are a proud and peaceful race.  Their planet is nearing the end of its life, but they have created hundreds of massive ships meant to hold thousands of unicorns each.  These ships are taking Unicorns to different planets around the universe that are believed to have intelligent life or be able to support life.  

The one ship we are following is going to a planet which will take 232 years to complete the trip.  The unicorns on board will be in deep cryogenic sleep and wake up as if no time has passed.  They bid farewell to their home planet and wish the other ships well on their journeys to other planets.

The goal was to bridge peaceful connections with other intelligent beings, so that unicorns can find a place in the universe with other intelligent life. 

As their ship arrives at their destination, the cryogenic tubes begin to open to a shocking surprise.  The planet they have been heading towards for 232 years has only recently been ravaged by attacks leaving the planet uninhabitable.  It is believed that the air is now toxic to breathe, and they will not be able to leave their ship.

They are now essentially prisoners, trapped in their massive spaceship orbiting a deserted planet.  As the unicorns wake from their deep sleep the alarming reality they are faced with begins to sink in.  The leaders aboard the ship estimate that if they were to ration very well they might last 4 weeks with the supplies on board.  

Groups begin to form who believe in different plans.  One believes they should try to go down to the planet and find fuel or resources they might be able to use to get their ship back home.  Another group wants to sit and wait for a distress call to be answered and for another unicorn ship to rescue them.  While the third group wants to use their remaining fuel and time to try to make it to another planet they had considered habitable that was potentially close enough to make it in time. 

As they are in a life or death scenario, diplomacy breaks down very quickly.  The polite and theoretical conversations around what to do become chaotic anarchy after just a few days of the nearly unbearable rationing. 

The storage centers for food and water are heavily guarded, and each group has their own agenda.  The cpgroups begin to take over certain portions of the ship, and attempts are made on the storage areas to try and get all of the food and water for themselves.

This is where the fighting begins. This is the background for our first game.

Project overview

Stranded Unicorns is built to be ongoing and fun for as many people as possible.  As huge fans of NFTs we kept seeing ways to make collecting NFTs more fun through more personalized customization and competition.  This is the foundation of how and why we built Stranded Unicorns the way we did.

We are not shy about saying we want to create a community of owners much larger than a normal NFT project.  We believe that our plans for gamifying NFT trait collection and leaderboards will be more fun with a larger community.  This is why we minted 8,000 at launch, and we have mechanisms for rewarding active collectors/gamers that will add to the population of Stranded Unicorns as time passes.

Instead of randomly generated collections where you get what you get, and either day trade for quick profit or hodl while hoping it goes up in value, we give the power to the owners.  Every Stranded Unicorn starts with the same base character, and every owner will also receive two free traits at the time of mint.  These traits are not standalone NFTs, but owners can sell them on our Trait Marketplace or Fuse with their Unicorn to create a new NFT where the trait is added to the base.

The traits people find are random, but what owners choose to actually fuse with their base character is completely up to the owner.  Stranded Unicorn owners will be able to custom build their NFT however they want.  Each trait will come with familiar rarity aspects, but also power levels based on attributes.  These power levels will be attributed to your character after fusion, and your character will take on the associated power level that your traits bring with it.

These power levels will be used for rankings on our platform, and the top ranked Stranded Unicorns will always be on display on our platform. There will also be a variety of competitions based on random activities meant to increase the number of ways you can interact with our community and level up your NFT avatar. See details about game play and leaderboard prizes.

Stranded Unicorns the NFT project is designed to be the most active and fun way to collect and compete that we could think of.  There will be ongoing free Traitboxes every week during the drop periods, and additional Unicorn NFTs awarded to those who continue to participate. We want to give as many ways to level up for free as possible so that more people can play and compete.  But for those ambitious and impatient Stranded Unicorns there are ways to pay to mint new random traits. 

Stranded Unicorns the story is explained in more detail in this whitepaper, but the broader goal is to create a community that loves to compete and level up.  A majority of the earnings will be dedicated towards the community leaderboard winnings, and the development of real games that Stranded Unicorn owners can play using their actual NFTs as their character. See details about our Layer 1 and Layer 2 vision.

What community means to us

We have been extremely fortunate to build an excellent community on TikTok around designing and developing consumer facing apps.  Full disclosure, we never meant to do this.  We set out to grow an app design and development agency and bring more attention to our skills and services to attract potential clients.

As we used short videos to talk about app ideas we noticed many people commenting with ideas, requests, and suggestions.  We then replied to those comments with a video showing their idea in a real designed prototype.  This was fun for us, but we accidentally started building in public and the more we listened to our community the more people came to join in the fun.  We are a little embarrassed to admit that it took us a few months before we realized we were “building in public” and we had several app ideas with tens of thousands of people on our waitlist who wanted to use these apps.

We had so much fun engaging with our TikTok community that we started building our own app ideas while also working with clients on their ideas.  We love building in public and we have always been fans of Lean Startup and getting validation before building. Now we believe that building with/for the community is far better.  And we want to do that with our NFT project. 

We want to open the doors and bring everyone in on what we’re working on and what we’re planning.  This way we can eliminate any rug pull or short term fears from the NFT community, but more importantly we can give our community a voice and demonstrate that we listen.  We love using feedback and ideas from the community because it enables us to build better products, and this is how we plan to grow our NFT project as well.

Community Centered Giveaways

Not to knock anyone else, but as we have been involved in many NFT projects as investors prior to mint and after mint we found that the communities that are truly supportive and helpful tend to have a more active community which is reflected in the floor price.  Not that resale value is the only factor, but it is an indication of a strong community. 

On the flip side, when we’ve seen “communities” that responded rudely to newbies and newbie questions they would turn on each other at the first sign of trouble.  We’re not going to mention any projects specifically, but we’ve seen projects go from “moonshots” to basement floors and we believe it’s because there was never a real community at all.  Just a greedy desire to make a quick flip.  

This is why we are going to have two ongoing giveaway initiatives.  The first is built on our build in public focus and it’s called “Community Idea Giveaway.”  We want to invite everyone to join in the process as we build this project together.  We are going to share a lot of content around our designing and building of our website platform, the art, and future plans.  

We want you to share your thoughts and suggestions.  You will see in our TikToks that we regularly use ideas from our community to make a new video with their idea included if we feel it truly makes our product better.  If we use your idea we will give you full credit in the video and you will be the winner of a FREE Stranded Unicorn just after launch.  Please share your ideas and thoughts anywhere we are, be it TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Discord or on our site.  

We’re looking for insights and suggestions around our traits, base characters, dashboard design, profile features, leaderboard competitions, and anything else we talk about in our content.  The best way to contribute is by watching our TikTok videos and joining in the comments. 

In order to be eligible to win a free Stranded Unicorn you will need to follow us on Twitter, TikTok Instagram, and join our Discord.  We will be making announcements about this initiative so keep an eye out for the details.

The second initiative is called “Community Kindness Giveaway” and it’s all in the name.  We want to create the most fun and active NFT community built around competition and leveling up, but we think this will all be much better if it is a kind community as well.  

We are going to be watching our replies, comments and Discord conversations looking for experienced NFT people and how they interact with newbies.  We all know the questions newbies ask, and in the positive communities we have seen the OGs offer excellent and supportive answers to help guide newcomers in a kind way.

We aren’t asking for people to act like monks or anything, just be kind and helpful.  Everyone started their NFT journey with a lot to learn, and if we can help bring in more people in a positive and supportive way we think the game and Stranded Unicorns will be that much stronger.

Here are the ways to participate: you need to follow us on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and join our Discord.  In any of these platforms whenever you see questions or concerns about how to get started, buy crypto, or what a wallet is we are looking for helpful supportive answers and guidance.

Everytime we see a kind and helpful answer to a question we will take note of it and randomly select helpful members of our community to win a FREE Stranded Unicorn after launch.  In Discord especially our team will be giving specific reactions. For example a thumbs up from the team puts you in a pool of people where we will randomly select winners at random times.

The goal with both community giveaway initiatives is to generate as much community engagement as possible in a positive way.  We want to prove to those who don't know us that we listen to our community with the “Community Idea Giveaway” and we want to prove to NFT newcomers that this is a safe and legit NFT project to get involved with with our Community Kindness Giveaway.”

Ideally we will be giving out 10 for the ideas (if we end up using 10 ideas in a TikTok video.)  And we will be giving away at least 10 for the kindness initiative (if we have enough kind people:).  But if the ideas pour in and the kindness is taking over, we will happily give more to the community.  We will give away at least 20 through these initiatives.  

How to play

How This Started

We minted 8,000 NFTs and gave them away for free. They all started as traitless Unicorns, but we now have over 30,000 traits in the wild and fused to Unicorns.

Key Mechanics

Every Unicorn NFT gets to open a Traitbox with a 7-day cooldown (up to boxes 7 per week)

When you open a Traitbox, you get to select one Trait for free.

You can fuse that Trait to your Unicorn, save it for later, or sell it on our coming Trait Marketplace.

When you fuse, you pick a color for the Trait. This updates the art, and the attribute points to create classes.

Soon, you'll take your Unicorn NFTs into battle with our Layer 2 games.

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Game Mechanics

  • Every time you open a Traitbox, you will have a 7-day cooldown before opening another box (limit to 7 traitboxes per week)
  • Inside each Traitbox, you get to see 3 Traits of the same rarity. You pick 1 free trait in with the option to purchase 2 more traits
  • Fuse 8 trait types to your character and you get the option to mint another NFT on the drop, or earn 5 Traitboxes.
  • Fuse 13 trait types to your character and you get another option to mint another NFT on the drop, or earn 5 Traitboxes.
  • Fuse a max of 15 traits to your base character and it will be able to fuse with another base character (doesn’t need to be maxed) to turn into an empty Pegasus-1 with an exclusive wing trait and a base of 30 on all attributes
  • Fuse another max of 15 traits to your Pegasus-1 and fuse it with another Pegasus-1 to turn it to an empty Pegasus-2 with a base of 50 on all attributes
  • Fuse another max of 15 traits to your Pegasus-2, then fuse it with another Pegasus-2 to turn it to an empty Pegasus-3 with a base of 70 on all attributes

Traits and Traitboxes

To see our trait list and the rarity of those traits, see the google sheet here

There are 215 different Traits broken into 15 Trait Types.

The rarer the Trait, the more power-level it gives when fused to your Unicorn.

  • Common = 18 power level
  • Uncommon = 30 power level
  • Rare = 42 power level
  • Epic = 54 power level
  • Legendary = 66 power level

When you open a Traitbox

When a Traitbox is opened, a series of random numbers are generated to decide the Rarity of the Traitbox, the 3 Trait Types that will be in the box, and then what Trait actually is included. You will see 3 Traits in the Traitbox of the same rarity level. You will be able to select one Trait for free, and you can purchase the other 2 Traits at a fee.

Rarity of Traitbox

  1. Commons happen 62.5% of the time.
  2. Uncommon happens 20% of the time.
  3. Rare happens 10% of the time.
  4. Epic happens 5% of the time.
  5. Legendary happens 2.5% of the time.

3 Trait Types

  1. Common trait types happen 30% of the time.
  2. Uncommon trait types happen 25% of the time.
  3. Rare trait types happen 20% of the time.
  4. Epic trait types happen 15% of the time.
  5. Legendary trait types happen 10% of the time.

Breakdown of Trait Type Rarity:

  • Common - Horn
  • Common - Clothes
  • Common - Hair
  • Uncommon - Item
  • Uncommon - Eyes
  • Uncommon - Mouth
  • Rare - Glasses
  • Rare - Nose
  • Rare - Ears
  • Epic - Pattern
  • Epic - Eyebrows
  • Epic - Chin
  • Legendary - Head
  • Legendary - 2nd Clothes
  • Legendary - Hand

This means that, on average, Legendary Horns are more common to find than Uncommon Head Traits.


Each time you get a trait, you can fuse it to your Character to add the look of the trait to your character and the attributes that it brings.

You will be able to fuse any trait with any of your characters, however, there are some rules:

  • You cannot have two of the same traits. If you have a horn and you fuse a new horn, it will replace the old one.
  • Replacing a trait will also remove the attributes from the old trait.
  • When you fuse a trait, you cannot remove it, only replace it.

Fusion Colors

When you fuse Traits, the amount of power-level of the Trait (at the top left of the card) will be added to the Unicorn and will be put into a certain set of attributes based on the color.

  • Red = Endurance
  • Orange = Strength
  • Yellow = Defense
  • Green = Luck
  • Blue = Intelligence
  • Purple = Dexterity
  • Black = 1/3 split between Luck/Intelligence/Dexterity
  • White = 1/3 split between Endurance/Strength/Defense

Classes and Attributes

There are 6 attributes that start at 0 and through trait fusions can increase:

  • Red / Endurance - This will give characters more Health and Stamina in games.
  • Orange / Strength - Will represent Attack Power.
  • Yellow / Defense - Will lower incoming damage.
  • Green / Luck - Will increase Health Regeneration.
  • Blue / Intelligence - Will represent Magic and Mana in games.
  • Purple / Dexterity - Will represent Speed and Agility.

Class System

6 Base Classes

One for each primary attribute--which will be added to your Unicorn if you reach 100 points in a single color.

  • Red = Tank - Will have high health and resist physical damage.
  • Orange = Assassin - Will do high close-up physical damage.
  • Yellow = Assist - Will buff friends and de-buff enemies
  • Green = Healer - Will heal friends and silence enemies
  • Blue = Mage - Will do high ranged mage damage.
  • Purple = Marksman - Will do high ranged physical damage

Cross Classes

If you manage to get 100+ power-level points on more than 1 attribute, you will become a cross between the two classes. This will update the background color of your unicorn and you will also be able to load-out your character with a mixture of the classes abilities in the games.

15 Combo-Classes

If you manage to get 150+ power-level points on 2 attributes, you will become a combo-class. These classes will give you more strategic and powerful abilities in the games.

  • Red+Orange = Brawler | Will do high close up damage and be able to take high damage.
  • Red+Yellow = Guardian | Will do close-up damage with crowd-control abilities
  • Red+Green = Survivalist | Will be able to self heal and also take high damage.
  • Red+Blue = Arbiter | Will take damage and do close-up magic damage with areal abilities.
  • Red+Purple = Fighter | Will do ranged attacks and will take high damage.
  • Orange+Yellow = Warrior | Will do high close-up damage with knockback and stun abilities.
  • Orange+Green = Necromancer | Will do high close-up damage with life-steal abilities.
  • Orange+Blue = Druid | Will do high close-up magic+physical damage with transformation abilities.
  • Orange+Purple = Hunter | Will do high ranged and close-up damage with burst abilities.
  • Yellow+Green = Support | Will do low damage with healing and crowd-control abilities.
  • Yellow+Blue = Summoner | Will do ranged magic damage with summoning minions abilities.
  • Yellow+Purple = Shaman | Will do ranged magic damage with totem abilities that do areal effects.
  • Green+Blue = Paladin | Will do close-up magic damage with team healing abilities.
  • Green+Purple = Bard | Will do high ranged damage and magic through sustained abilies.
  • Blue+Purple = Sorcerer | Will do high ranged magic damage with targeted abilities.

Pegasus System

If you manage to collect enough traits to get your character to 15 traits, it will be maxed out.

You will see on the Unicorn's page an option to Pegasus.

Going Pegasus will reset your character back to 0 fused traits. The Traits will be burned/destroyed, but you will now have wings.

You can max out a Pegasus and Go Pegasus again 2 more times.

Each Pegasus Level gives you more power:

  • Pegasus 1 - 30 power to all 6 attributes
  • Pegasus 2 - 50 power to all 6 attributes
  • Pegasus 3 - 50 power to all 6 attributes

Drop Rewards

    For the first 20 weeks after launch, we will be running 5 drop periods in 4-week increments.

    If you manage to fuse 8 and/or 13 trait types to one unicorn you will be marked down to be a winner.


    • You have to be the one to fuse the 8th or the 13th Trait Type to a Unicorn.
    • Each Unicorn can only win 2 times. Pegasus traits don't go towards winnings.
    • Overwriting traits does not go towards the count. Only when a unicorn hits their 8th or 13th trait will they be marked as a winner.
    • You can fuse 8 traits in one drop period and fuse the 13th trait in another drop period.

    Drop Period Ending Lines

    1. January 19th, 23:59 EST
    2. February 16th 23:59 EST
    3. March 16th 23:59 EST
    4. April 14th 23:59 EST
    5. May 11th 23:59 EST


    When you are marked to be a winner, you will decide between paying $3 for another Unicorn NFT, or choose 5 Traitboxes for free. You will not receive the Unicorn or the Traitboxes until after the drop period is over. The $3 are the gas fees required to mint, update, and airdrop the NFTs to each winner. We wanted to make this free, but it was going to be too expensive for our free project.

    How drops are airdropped

    You will have 24 hours to decide on a winning for the drop. If you don't answer, you will be able to answer after and receive the drop on the next period.

    After that period, we will pull all winners, we will mint the amount required in a new collection, and they will appear as the next generation of Unicorn in your wallet. On the Marketplaces, they will be displayed together.

    We have to mint the NFTs and run multiple updates on each NFT to get them ready to fuse and only then can we airdrop them. Expect the NFTs to be airdropped within 5 days of the drop period ending--depending on Solana's network load.

    Who we are

    The team behind Stranded Unicorns is Rad Collab.  Rad Collab started as a design and development agency in May of 2020.  The agency began as two brothers, Nolan and Tyler, started because Nolan had been a successful freelancer for many years.  Nolan felt he was capable of growing a business and couldn't handle taking on more work by himself and asked Tyler to help build a company.

    Rad Collab eventually turned into a client services agency as well as an app developer where they build their own ideas in public on TikTok.  The content created on TikTok demonstrates expertise and skill which in turn has been the only marketing and recruitment tool that Rad Collab has even employed.  Clients came in from seeing TikTok content, and talented developers came in from seeing TikTok as well.

    The Rad Collab team has never built a NFT project or a game before, but we have demonstrated our ability to build and grow consumer facing products for ourselves and our clients.  We are not making claims of experience, but we are asking anyone who is considering buying a Stranded Unicorn to believe in our team because together we can accomplish anything.

    Prior to launching the Rad Collab team is Nolan, Tyler, two excellent developers and two excellent designers.  We have worked on consumer facing native apps, websites, and content creation.  You may ask how that prepares anyone for game development and it is a great question.  But our honest answer is that we have established processes for hiring and bringing on new people to help us accomplish anything.  We also have more exposure being on TikTok that brings more potential developers who can see us and how we operate.

    We aren’t claiming anything that isn’t true, but we do believe in ourselves and we ask that you do as well. Please bring your questions or concerns to our lives and Discord conversations so that we can have the chance to put your mind at ease or give you enough cause for concern that you don’t buy into our NFT project with unrealistic expectations. 

    Why we build in public

    We build in public because we can’t imagine a better way of building products and communities. In our experience there is no way to get better user feedback and input than to build with the community as you plan and strategize.  

    As we design and build we go with our gut unless users are involved. Our guts are not terrible, but we are human, and we could spend a lot of time going down the wrong path because we simply can’t see something.  But when we open the doors for suggestions and input we have the opportunity to receive amazing insights and when this happens we waste little to no time at all on ideas that our community would not want to use.

    You may be familiar with developers ‘opening their doors’ and showing the process. But most are still one directional. Even most DAOs couldn’t function without the founders. We have been building in public and letting our community tell us what to work on and what to do. We plan to do the same thing here

    So, we build in public because it’s the best way to build anything consumer related.



    First 2 Months Data Points

    • 8,000 Stranded Unicorns minted and claimed in less than 45 minutes.
    • 42,000+ traitboxes opened
    • 4,000+ Winnings (8/13 traits fused)
    • 5800+ 1 of 1 Unicorns
    • 2500+ Classes Unicorns.
    • 200+ Combo-Classed Unicorns
    • 325+ Pegasi
    • Almost 1,000 sol trade volume.

    Features Launched Post-Mint

    • Search for Unicorns
    • 1 of 1 Tracking
    • Metadata Optimizations
    • Traitbox Previews
    • Marketplace Aggregator from SolSea + Magic Eden displaying stats of the unicorn.
    • Global Leaderboard
    • Fusion Feed
    • Unicorn Winnings Tracking
    • % of Unicorns with a Trait.
    • SolFlare Wallet Support.
    • Pay with Solana.
    • Trait Marketplace (coming end of February)

    Our Current Focus

    Layer 1 Expansions

    Our biggest expansions on Layer 1 is to make it easier to open Traitboxes, fuse, and cash out. We are about to launch our Trait Marketplace where you can turn your free/paid traits into Solana by selling them! We are launching a mobile web version of the site to be able to open traitboxes and fuse from your phone.

    We plan to launch an Item system where you can collect Items to level up your unicorn faster, get better traitboxes, add more power level, or repair traits that are damaged in the games.

    We also plan to build a Burn for Traits system where you can burn Unicorns and collect all of the Traits (besides a set of Pegasus wings) from the Unicorn. This will be our first deflationary mechanism in the Unicorn NFT collection.

    Layer 2 Play to Earn

    We plan to launch P2E games of our own, and also work with 3rd party developers to help support them in building their own games through our system. We hope to have 2 in-house games released by end of 2022, and more than 2 3rd-party games launched by separate teams by end of 2022.

    Long term vision

    Not to be too repetitive, but we want to build the largest and most fun NFT game/collectible project out there.  This is not something we think will happen over night, so we plan to continue evolving and growing the competitie aspects of the game until it is perfect.

    In our experiences as NFT owners we have felt that almost the entire experience exists on Discord and secondary markets.  While this is a lot of fun we think we can create a custom experience for our unique project that perfectly suits our project on our own platform.  Because of this we are working to develop our own marketplace where Stranded Unicorn holders can buy and sell traits and base characters.

    On this platform/marketplace we are going to test out news feeds, reactions, and notifications to allow our community to flex their Stranded Unicorns in a social way.  We don’t yet have a plan for how this will work, but we want to bring the community in as we figure it out together.  We will do whatever we can to enhance the experience of owning, evolving, and competing around being a Stranded Unicorn owner.  

    We are slightly reluctant to go into detail about this because we don’t want to attract too much doubt or criticism, but we plan to build games that would allow Stranded Unicorn holders to use their unique NFT in the games as their character.  As well as create an open source platform for game developers to build their own games on top of our NFTs and lore. And the traits and attributes that impact power levels will be useful in the games.

    Think of the NFT project as the foundation or Layer 1, and think of the games we make and the games other developers make as Layer 2 games built on the foundation of Stranded Unicorns the character and story.  We think the term metaverse gets thrown around entirely too much, but we do have unlimited ideas that could be built around Stranded Unicorns and using Stranded Unicorns as your player in the games.

    Layer 1 and Layer 2

    Layer 1

    We look at this as a Layered system. Layer 1 is the collection dashboard at There, you can collect traits, fuse them to your Unicorn, and earn more NFTs by Collecting and Evolving.

    Play to Earn Games

    Soon, we will start releasing p2e games centered around this collection and evolution.

    If you play the game with a classed Unicorn, you will be able to earn Tokens. Tokens are in-game assets, and not real crypto, but will unlock you Traitboxes & Item boxes. We are launching a Trait Marketplace where you will be able to turn your Traits into Solana by selling them. You can also fuse those traits to your Unicorns to earn more NFTs and create more valuable NFTs. We wanted all of the Play to Earn mechanics focused on the NFT collection of collecting and evolving. This is our foundation of the project.

    In House Games

    We are building our first in-house game right now. We don't have a release date, but we will attempt to release Alpha to Cryo Pass holders early Q2, 2022 and are attempting to get it launched to the public by end of Q2, 2022.

    To read our Game Design Document, click here

    API Coming in March

    We are already working with multiple teams of independent developers to build off of our Layer 1 collection game. We will be launching an API for our games and for 3rd party games which will allow indie-devs to build p2e games of their own with Unicorn NFTs, Tokens, and Traitboxes as the focus.

    The reason indie-devs want to build on our platform? All the Tokens that players use to open Traitboxes will be traced back to where they earned it. If a player opens a Traitbox, and purchases additional traits, the developer of the game that lead to those Tokens will receive a large portion of the revenue.

    If you'd like to discuss building a Layer 2 Unicorn game, please DM RadKarma on Discord <3

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